Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd specialise in the mining and process engineering fields.

With over 40 years of experience, Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd are internationally recognised as market leaders in the design, manufacture, supply and service of underground mining equipment and systems. Our innovative systems are in high demand with our customer base extending throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Europe and Asia. Our sales and services are managed via both direct and distributor arrangements.


Monorail Systems

At Macquarie Manufacturing we offer a comprehensive solution for all Longwall and Development Monorail needs and applications. Offering a safe and highly efficient means of managing underground services. From tailored designs to customized installations, we can meet any customer requirement.


Support & Maintenance

We are a progressive company with various department disciplines to ensure the needs of our Customers are always met. We have dedicated Field Service personnel on hand to provide a 24/7 installation and maintenance service as well as an in-house Repairs Department.

mag mono

Magnet Monorail

Our Monorail mounted, electromagnetic processing facility provides an innovative and effective solution to sorting through coal to detect and isolate any metal contaminates.

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