QDS Equipment

We offer an extensive range of QDS equipment for both direct purchase and hire. All equipment can be tailored to customer specification through our design and engineering department.


Materials Handing

We offer an extensive range of LHD and Materials Handling Equipment. From a single customised item to multiple bulk orders; all equipment can be tailored to customer specification.

MBE – Convey

Conveyor Equipment

We provide an extensive range of conveyor services and equipment. We tailor to customer needs and provide a 24/7 repair and installation service.


Monorail Components

We have patent products that have been designed and manufactured to be used specifically and in conjunction with our globally renowned Monorail systems.



With state-of-the-art machines and a semi automated machine shop, we have extensive machining services and will cater to an array of machining requirements.

Ducksbill Hire

Hire Products

Enquire for our range of available equipment for hire to suit your needs



A customisable range of Crawler Tracks to suit pump and transformer cart systems along with other mobile plant systems.


Safety Equipment

Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd offers an extensive range of safety equipment that can be modified to suit our customers' specific safety requirements.

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